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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Why You Won't See Ads for Wholly Hemp

Hello! My name is Rob but everyone knows me as WhollyHemp or just "the hemp guy". I've been making natural hemp skin care for years and have made it my mission to spread the love of hemp.

While the lion share of Wholly Hemp's sales come from word-of-mouth (that means YOU!), marketing and ads are still integral to maintaining a small business. But Facebook has banned our ads due to the "fact" that our products are "drugs". That's right. According to Facebook (and Bing- but really, who uses Bing?!), the hemp soap you lather on and hemp moisturizer you apply every day is in fact DRUGS.

Facebook and Bing have systematically prevented us from advertising our soap and lotion because according to them, we are selling drugs at $1.25 an ounce (if only!).

Facebook continues to charge our bank account for "ads" yet their own ad manager (and every email I have saved) shows all our ads have been denied for "prohibited [drug] content".

For months now I have contacted Facebook with the hopes of resolving this issue. Not ONCE did I receive a response. Finally I threatened a chargeback on the erroneous charges they continue to make against our account. Only then did they respond, and only to tell me that I am in fact a hardcore drug dealer. When I tried to show them otherwise, they told me they were sure I was a drug dealer.

BUT WAIT, there's more! They are continuing to charge our account even though none of our ads are live. They are not responding to any emails and have no answer for why our ads are being denied while our account is still being charged.

Now, one might say that Facebook is simply trying to not associate themselves with cannabis, but that is simply not the case. Facebook allows ads for medical marijuana, bong dealers, and drug detox kits. But hemp soap? Well according to Facebook, being clean just promotes drug use.

It is quite difficult to make the distinction between psychoactive cannabis and industrial hemp when every instance of distinction is summarily denied from being disseminated.

So where do we go from here? If we file a chargeback against Facebook, they will shut down our page completely, so that's a no-go. For now, we are at the mercy of Facebook, who are able to withdraw money from our account even though no services have been rendered. It's as close to extortion as one can get before we have to walk into a dark alley and hand Mark Zuckerberg an envelope full of cash lest we have our proverbial legs broken.

Until we are able to work out a solution with Facebook, you will not be seeing ads for Wholly Hemp. We figure our time and money is much better spent making sure YOU are happy. This means we will be doing many more giveaways and contests, giving free samples with orders, and doing everything we can to Spread the Love :)

It's been said before, but I feel at a time like this it must be reiterated: YOU are our top priority, and for that reason we are constantly trying to find new ways to ensure you open each and every package with a smile.

YOU are the reason Wholly Hemp is here today. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Every email you send, every comment you post, every question you ask, I love to hear them, so keep them coming!

Wholly Hemp